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Desolation/ Hoang tàn

The A2Z Gallery is delighted to present the exhibition Desolationby Lê Thúy

Time: February 1st - February 22 nd, 2024

Opening on February 1 st 2024 / 6 pm - 9pm

A2Z Gallery

24 rue de l’E’vhaude’, 75006 Paris.

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday, 11h -19h

Information: +33 (0) 156248888 / /

For Lê Thúy, humans have lost their connection to the earth in favor of their incessant quest to appropriate it. A graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Vietnam, the artist considers her work a witness to the present times, illustrating contemporary events through her personal prism and the use of traditional Vietnamese techniques. Thus, she seeks to express, through her works, the anguish transmitted by those who feel marginalized by modern society. In her new solo exhibition Desolation, the artist presents her silk paintings with a masterful technique of delicacy. She formulates the silent echoes left by the underprivileged, addressing various current societal concerns such as natural degradation, environmental destruction, deadly pandemics, war, and the ethical decay of humanity. What becomes of the relationship between nature and humans in the era of the anthropocene?

The exhibition is divided into two parts: The Barren Land and Belief

The first part of the exhibition titled The Barren Landopens with four landscape paintings.

Each abstract canvas represents the various spatial states of each season of the year. Lê

Thúy portrays a conflict, a rift between humans and nature. The scene is divided into four parts: continuous rain representing spring mornings, a fiery abyss during a hot summer day, a stagnant pond in autumn mist, and tumultuous waves like a winter sea storm.

These landscapes, at first glance, may evoke serene emotions. In reality, they represent the

land of a people facing difficulties and adversities. This environment serves as both the beginning and the cause of the moral decay of humanity. For the Vietnamese, the land is considered life; they struggle to conquer and possess it. Over time, as human morality

deteriorates, countless tragedies unfold on the land they call ″home″.

For Lê Thúy, these are insurmountable natural challenges for humans. Her paintings may

be shrouded in pain, carrying memories and perdition, witnessing a reality around us,


The second section of the exhibition, titled Belief, continues with figurative paintings. The viewer, guided by the artist, plunges into works depicting a world of desolation. In these works, Lê Thúy’s intention is to address the moral decay and erosion of ethics in daily life.

By using symbols imbued with traditional Asian values in her paintings, the artist aims to explore the implications of our daily behaviors in a harsh environment. What are the consequences of our actions, even those that seem insignificant? Are we unintentionally destroying the nature and environment around us?

The imagery of young children is primarily used. This icon of hope, innocence embodies the future of humanity, surrounded by the dangers and temptations of the contemporary world. ″In the skin of a Mother″, the artist aims to raise awareness of the importance of children’s nursing and education, thoses are our descendants who will build society one day. Her underlying question is how ″our future″ will be shaped when human aspirations confront the harsh realities of life. How will our future generation cope with the disorder in the environment and society that we have left them?

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