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Inspired by the writings of author Vương Trí Nhàn on the state of the nation and its people in Vietnam from 2004 to 2010, titled "My Country My People," these notes chronicle everyday events reported in the media. These include issues such as deforestation, counterfeit goods, educational fraud, and the moral decline of individuals within society. The author concludes that a nation facing such challenges leads to a society lacking in humanity. "There are times when an entire nation turns into filth..."

Artistic Expression: This is depicted as a four-panel folding screen symbolizing the repetitive and continuous cycle of the four seasons. The dominant color is red, representing war, the color of blood, destruction, and love. In the center are skeletal remains (symbolizing decay, destruction, and brutality) against a backdrop of Feng Shui paintings depicting the landscapes of Vietnam.

In Eastern culture, symbols like cherry blossoms, willows, pine trees, and bamboo represent noble qualities, teaching people to do good. However, in present-day life, all values have been overturned. The appearance of these symbols only serves as evidence of decay. Beauty and destruction clash in a gloomy, vibrant setting.

In the New Testament, there's a description of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as symbols of invasion, war, famine, and death. In life, these calamities occur daily, the moral decay of individuals who seem like knights. They bring about continued destruction day by day, unaware of their actions.

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