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Exhibition “The Grapevine Selection”

Opening: 06:30 pm, Thurs 22 June 2023 (invitation only)Exhibition: 09 am – 08 pm, from 23 June – 09 July 2023Audi Charging Lounge6B Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC

After the great success of the exhibition at Temple of Literature, Hanoi, The Grapevine Selection will be officially present at Audi Charging Lounge, a new destination for art lovers in Ho Chi Minh City from June 22, 2023. The exhibition will feature 53 artworks from 16 artists, selected by the Art Advisory Board.

In addition to promoting young artists and supporting the art community, expanding the knowledge of audiences and potential collectors, The Grapevine Selection presents notable works of selected artists – names and faces with their own artistic styles that create new highlights in the Vietnamese art scene. Unlike the operating structure of a typica gallery or a curated exhibition with a specific theme, The Grapevine Selection puts the focus on the artists and works of representative values, setting milestones for the future with long-term art archives and collections. We hope to be one of the pioneering creative hub in directing the attention, observation and research on the development of contemporary art in Vietnam.

In addition, The Grapevine Selection 2023 is a bold experiment when placing contemporary works of outstanding artists, from painting and sculpture to installation in a space rich in cultural heritage such as the Temple of Literature – Quoc Tu Giam to a modern high-end industrial space like Audi Charging Lounge. Hanoi Grapevine hopes that the change in space will not reduce the audience’s experience of enjoying art, but will resonate with works of unique beauty, increasing the sensory experiences by cross-linking exhibition spaces and themes, a trend that will explode in Vietnam in the future.

The Grapevine Selection 2023 selected artworks and artists from the following areas of art practices: Painting, Sculpture and Installation with consultation from the Art Advisory Board.

The Art Advisory Board includes:– Curator, art researcher Do Tuong Linh– Curator, art manager Mary Lou David– Curator Le Thien Bao– Curator, art researcher Ace Le

List of artists participating in the exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City includes:– Bui Quoc Khanh– Dao Tan– Do Ha Hoai– Do Trong Quy– Doan Van Toi– Ha Minh– Hoang Thanh Vinh Phong– Jo Ngo– Le Thuy– Linh San– Pham Dinh Tien– Pham Ha Ninh– Ton That Minh Nhat– Tran Thuoc– Trinh Cam Nhi– Xuan Ha

Artist Lê Thúy

Lê Thúy was born in 1988, currently based in Hoi An, Viet Nam, who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Lê Thúy has exhibited consistently, domestically and internationally, like The Sovereign Asian Art Prize (2022), Young Talent Programme, and Affordable Art Fair (2016). Lê Thúy’s recent solo exhibitions are “The Silence is Deafening” in Vin Gallery (2020) and “Uninhabited” in ION Art Gallery, Singapore (2016). Lê Thúy’s works are witnesses of the times. The artist believes that the desperate struggle to exist is reflected in the behavior and origins of a people. Thúy expresses the anguish of the hopeless, trampled, and forgotten. The social, environmental, and cultural neglect and exploitation leave only mute echoes. Lê Thúy emphasizes using traditional materials, such as silk and lacquer, as the focal point to seek new expressive possibilities for contemporary storytelling through manipulating space. It interacts with tradition and modernity to create installations that reflect modern society.

“My essence submerged in introspection,”a series of artistic works dealing with the loss of culture. The beauty and richness of the bygone era are forgotten in obscurity. In Bích Khê’s poem “Tôi đã chết rồi tiếng nói như châu (I am now dead, then my voice is like pearl)”. The word “pearl” has many layered meanings in Vietnamese music. Phạm Duy, in his introduction to the musical compilation “Dị Khúc,” which sets Bich Khê’s poetry to music, expounds: “Châu means a vast parcel of land like a province, such as Ô province or Lý province. It is also an island, a tract of land. Moreover, it means pearl, a precious gem of great value. It is also a teardrop. Châu is also the physical body.” The many-layered meaning in a word is not something many, owing to the erosion of the contemporary Vietnamese language, is appreciated. From this simplistic point of view, I expand my gaze to encompass a broader scope of contemporary life. It becomes evident that loss manifests itself in myriad ways, transcending the boundaries of language, culture, architecture, and even our behavior toward one another. It is a collective experience, a void that permeates our very being, leaving us disoriented and disconnected from the essence of beauty.

In finding an artistic expression, I embark on a journey of introspection, seeking to confront and reconcile with the prevailing sense of loss. Through various creative techniques, I strive to juxtapose and contemplate my thoughts from diverse angles, allowing the artwork to become a conduit for reflections and layered meaning. The artwork serves as a vessel for storytelling, offering glimpses into a dreamscape where the human form stands solitary amidst the shadows, desolate fields, and cold mist. It reflects the inner desolation of the human soul in a tumultuous era, where cherished values are often trivialized and dismissed. Just as the word “Châu” embodies the physical form, it is also a tear shed for oneself, the land, and the beloved homeland. In this exploration of loss and desolation, we encounter a poignant reflection of the human condition in contemporary life.



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